Emma Watson’s pep talks

Emma Watson gave herself pep talks before singing in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

The 26-year-old actress plays Belle in the live-action remake of the classic Disney movie and had to psych herself up before laying down the songs for the movie.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “I was convinced that I was Florence Foster Jenkins.

“It took some conversations with myself in the mirror a few mornings. ‘Get it together, Watson!’”

Meanwhile, Emma previously revealed she had to go to ‘Belle Bootcamp’ to learn how to ride a horse, sing and dance for her role in the movie.

She said: “With a movie like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ it’s like three months prep, it’s like three or four months shooting, it’s in the UK. I had to be there to do that and as I was saying before it’s like you can’t half-arse a project like this, you know, you’re in or you’re out. And I was like I’ve kinda got to be all in and so this was really where my heart was and I knew I had to fully commit and make sure that I did this.

“I’ve never ridden a horse before [making this film] and so I was like, ‘OK.’ This is what I mean about the prep. I mean I really went into like essentially a ‘Belle Bootcamp’. I was riding three or four times a week, singing four times a week, dancing three or four times a week. I was manic, I was so hectic but I loved it.”

However, Emma admits singing on screen was the scariest.

She said: “Oh my god I can’t even tell you how nerve-wracking it was, there were a few moments when I had a real crisis of confidence ... Once I got into it I just loved it. I want to do a musical every day for the rest of my life. There is so much joy in it and like the music is just ... I don’t know about you but when I hear that song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ I just melt.”