Amy Schumer still loves comedy

April 30, 2017 GMT

Amy Schumer insists stand-up comedy is still a “major priority” for her.

The 35-year-old funny woman may have made a name for herself in the glamorous world of Hollywood but she’s adamant that her passion still lies within her routes and her planned comedy tour in 2016 was cancelled at the last moment due to illness, not to pursue a film project.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, she said: “Stand-up is still a major priority. I got really sick, or I would have been there.

“I have every intention of coming back. Everybody loves performing in Australia. I love it, so I hope I get to come out there soon.”

Amy paid a visit Down Under in 2015 to promote her feature film breakthrough ‘Trainwreck’ and agreed to perform a comedy show, which sold out, in Melbourne.

Following the success, the actress arranged a full national tour for December last year but she pulled out just days before she was meant to kick off the first show.


Although she’s adamant comedy is still a massive part of her life, Amy has found herself more in demand and has her new film ‘Snatched’ due for release next month, while her other blockbuster ‘Thank You For Your Service’ will drop in October.

She joked: “People keep giving me jobs! I don’t know what’s wrong with these people. But it’s not like, if I can get movie work I’d rather do that than stand-up.”

Meanwhile, although success has hit Amy quicker than she expected, the hilarious star has always remained down to earth and even bought a $2,000 mattress for a store employee recently after she allowed her to use the bathroom in the shop.

The comedienne was enjoying a jog around the streets of Chicago recently when she stopped by the local Six Corners Mattress Firm to use the facilities and was pointed in the right direction by Sagine Lazarre.

As a sign of her gratitude, Amy walked up to Sagine on her way out, asked which mattress was her favourite and then promptly bought the expensive item for her.