Philly Real Estate Week closes out Friday

June 8, 2018 GMT

Local entrepreneur Nicole Purvy, who facilitates a real estate investment club, noticed people had a desire to acquire more information about real estate investing.

Purvy is founder of the Better Than Success Real Estate League, a media company geared toward first-generation entrepreneurs.

“From people who have this dream of owning a home to people who actually want to invest their money, people want information,” she said.

With other observances such as Philly Tech Week and Philly Fashion Week, and Philly Restaurant Week, Purvy asked “Why not a Philly Real Estate Week?”

“Real estate is everywhere and influences all of us,” she said. “No matter where you go you’re in real estate, right? So why not bring forth information and celebrate the people who have really shaped this city through real estate?”

Each week, members of the group’s real estate investment club meets at the Better Than Success office in Port Richmond and discuss all things real estate. Purvy said the group was formed to be an educational forum.


“That’s why we started the club because we have people who come in and knows nothing about real estate and the quickest way to learn is to really submerge yourself and get around like-minded people. So, we welcome people, especially people who don’t know about real estate,” she said.

Arthur Lyons is one of the planners for Philly Real Estate Week and chair person of the Urban Planning and Development Day during Philly Real estate Week activities.

“During the daytime, there will be discussions and presentations about the Philadelphia 2035 Plan and in the evening the city is going to talk about Philadelphia breweries and how neighborhoods were developed around certain breweries,” he said.

“And what I like about it is that, throughout the week, there will be something for everybody,” he said. “Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a first-time investor, someone who’s interested in being an investor – all the way up to major developers of commercial real estate – there’s something for everybody.”

Traci Powell said she met Purvy while participating on a an Urban League panel that Purvy moderated.

“We got to talking about real estate and she told me different things about the League and I literally joined, if not the next day, within that week,” she said.

On Friday, Jabbar Fairweather is the speaker for the 2nd Annual Wholesalers and Realtors Bootcamp, which will focus on those seeking to enter the real estate business. He is one of the founding members of the Better Than Success Real Estate League.

“You don’t have to guess how to get into real estate, we’ll give you the examples,” Fairweather said.

Philly Real Estate Week ends Friday, with the 2nd Annual Wholesalers and Realtors Bootcamp.

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