Salma Hayek’s dogs crash wedding

April 26, 2017 GMT

Salma Hayek’s dogs once crashed a wedding.

The 50-year-old actress always used to take her pet pooches with her wherever she was working, but had to stop when her canine companions caused havoc when they wrecked a happy couple’s “beautiful” day in a bid to get some cake while she was out.

Speaking to TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres, Salma said: “They got me into a lot of trouble. One time I was in a luxurious hotel in the Bahamas and I begged them to let my dogs stay.

“They gave me a small house surrounded by a fence with a small court yard. The dogs were very clever and they would open the door and wait for me to let them in.

“One time I arrived home and they weren’t there. I heard this screaming and a big commotion. Lupe loved cake more than anything - so many birthday parties were ruined.

“When I heard this I thought ‘Oh my God this sounds like a cake’. I looked like hell but I went to see what the commotion was.


“There was a beautiful wedding from what I could see hiding behind a palm tree. There was a beautiful wedding cake. But instead of the bride and groom there was Lupe and Angie sat there.”

Salma went on to explain how a number of people attempted to get the dogs off the cake but they continued to gobble up as much meringue as they could.

She added: “They are all screaming and the bride is crying. I have all kinds of whistles for the dogs so I whistled and they knew what that meant.

“They both ran all the way back to the little house.”