George Michael says his life was a ‘waste of time’ in new documentary

October 10, 2017 GMT

George Michael describes his life as a “waste of time” in a new documentary.

The iconic singer - who died on Christmas Day (12.25.16) last year - expresses regret about his life and admits he never truly recovered from the death of his first love Anselmo Feleppa, who died from Aids more than two decades earlier, in ‘Freedom’.

In the new documentary - which George produced and is due out later this month - the British star confessed: “He still, 23 years later, brings a tear to my eye. He was my saviour.”

The soon-to-be-released documentary is introduced by George’s good friend Kate Moss, and she describes ‘Freedom’ as George’s “final work”.

During the program, George describes the joy he used to feel during his days in the pop band Wham!, which also starred Andrew Ridgeley.

But he subsequently adds: “This is the story of just how fame and tragedy intervened.”


And in the closing moments of the documentary, George - who died of natural causes, aged 53 - offers a very honest assessment of his own life.

Asked how he’d like to be remembered, the chart-topping star explained: “I hope people think of me as someone who had some kind of integrity. I hope I’m remembered for that - very unlikely.

“I think it’s all been a waste of time, a waste of effort.”

Meanwhile, George’s friend and former backing singer Shirlie Holliman recently admitted the star’s death came as a huge shock to her.

Shirlie was stunned by the news, because George appeared to be in good health shortly before his passing was announced.

She said: “It was a shock, a massive shock for us all, when he died. None of us were expecting it.

“He was good before he died, there was nothing wrong with him, so yes, it was a shock...

“George was someone who I loved and who loved me very much.

“I miss him and it is so sad for me, we knew each other for over 40 years and we laughed so much together and I have really special memories of him.”