Legally Blonde almost had different ending

March 31, 2018 GMT

‘Legally Blonde’ almost had a completely different ending.

The popular 2001 romcom followed pink-loving diva Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) as she attempted to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington (Matthew Davis) by proving she’s intelligent enough for him by studying law.

But, after she succeeds at Harvard Law School, she realises she’s far too good for her ex, bags herself a new man called Emmett Richmond (Luke Wilson), makes some new friends and gives a graduation speech in front of a standing ovation.

However, co-writer Karen McCullah has revealed the movie almost ended differently.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she said: “Originally it ended at the courthouse right after the trial. Everyone was congratulating Elle, and Emmett came up and gave her a big kiss. Then there was a tag where it was a year in the future and she and [Elle’s friend] Vivian, who was now blonde, had started the Blonde Legal Defense Fund and they were in the quad handing out pamphlets.


“The test-screening audience didn’t feel like it was an exciting enough ending for her, success-wise. The kiss made it seem like it was a rom-com. They knew that this was not a movie about a girl getting a guy.”

After the disappointing response, McCullah, the film’s director Robert Luketic and producer Marc Platt spent hours coming up with the graduation speech to finish with.

She explained: “The whole movie is painstakingly written over many drafts in two years and then the ending is quick.”

But that wasn’t the only dilemma they faced.

McCullah added: “At that point [Reese] was in England shooting ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’. She’d cut off her hair because it had gotten damaged from all the hot rollers, so they put her in a wig ... Luke [Wilson] had on a wig because he’d shaved his head for ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’.

“The whole graduation scene is shot in London, but all the reaction shots were in Burbank in a soundstage. If you look really closely, you’ll notice the lighting’s a little bit different. But the new ending was way more satisfying.”