Judd Apatow working with Pete Davidson on comedy movie

January 31, 2019 GMT

Judd Apatow is teaming up with Pete Davidson to create a new comedy movie.

The 51-year-old filmmaker - who previously helmed hits such as ‘Trainwreck’, ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ - is returning to filmmaking to work on the untitled project for Universal.

The movie is based on a script written by Judd, Pete and Dave Sirus, and has been described as a semi-autobiographical story of the comedy star’s childhood, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Pete, 25, has become one of the best-known comedians in the US on the back of his appearances on ‘Saturday Night Live’, as well as his relationship with pop star Ariana Grande.

The stand-up star - who lost his father in 2001 - joined ‘Saturday Night Live’ at the age of 20, thereby becoming one of the youngest people to ever join the TV show.

And Judd reportedly sees him as one of the rising stars of the movie industry.


Meanwhile, Judd previously revealed he feels fortunate to have been given the freedom he craves to make the movies he wants to make.

He said: “I’m glad I’m getting a chance to make the films I want to make.

“I’ve had a good time throughout my career, mainly because I’ve been allowed to keep working. That’s all that matters. The better I do, the more freedom I get. When people trust you, you can do better work and take more chances.”