The Temptations are coming to Greensburg!

November 9, 2018 GMT

Otis Williams, the last surviving founding and still-active member of the Temptations, says the entertainers always wanted to remain in the business until fans no longer wanted to see them.

Since there are no signs of that happening, what with new fans literally being born every day, the iconic vocal group happily sings on.

Next stop: The Palace Theatre in Greensburg at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 25.

It is a most satisfying feeling to be able to carry on the tradition of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees for a new generation, says Williams, who will turn 77 on Oct. 30 and is the author of the book “The Temptations.”

In the early 1960s, he was in the Distants, which merged with members of another group, the Primes, in Detroit. They were renamed the Temptations in 1961 after joining Berry Gordy’s hallowed Motown Records.

The music is eternal

Williams says there is a solid reason that the Temptations still resonate for people of all ages: “Good is good. It will last forever.”


“Great songs, great music and great performances always strike a chord with people no matter what genre of music is your favorite,” he adds.

Their choice of repertoire is immense, with 43 Top 10 hits between the ’60s and ’90s.

Williams says the joy in performing remains the same. “It’s the reaction and response of the audience. The audience is what it’s all about. It always was and it always will be,” he says.

It is not necessary to tell people what they will experience, he insists. “You have to do your show and let people experience it. That hasn’t worked too badly for us over the years,” he explains.

Reason to be proud

He is very proud that “Ain’t Too Proud -- The Life and Times of The Temptations,” a play based on his book, is being well-received and headed to the Great White Way.

“It has broken records at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berkeley, Calif., the Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C., the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles and the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto, Canada, and will open in New York City at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway on March 21, 2019,” he says.

A model of respect

He believes the Tempations have modeled “a love for the business, respect for the business, hard work and how to keep trying to get better.”

Meanwhile, he adds, “the Temptations will continue to tour because that’s what we love to do.”