Sheryl Crow’s cancer made her change her diet

April 20, 2017 GMT

Sheryl Crow says being a “cancer-survivor” made her change her diet.

The 55-year-old singer was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago and says it made her re-evaluate what she was eating and putting in her body and she now ensure she eats lots of high omega fats that are found in oily fish.

The musician, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, told Us Weekly magazine: “I’m a cancer survivor, and I started learning about what I was eating. So I’m uber into high-omega foods.”

In 2012, doctors also discovered Sheryl had a benign brain tumor and she has scans every two years to check on the growth.

She said previously: “I just had one, it’s all good, hadn’t grown. Well, a minuscule amount but nothing more. I use it now and again as an excuse for my bad memory.”

Sheryl adopted her two sons, Wyatt, nine, and Levi, six, after surviving cancer and admitted the life-threatening disease made her look at every aspect of her life with a different perspective.


The ‘If It Makes You Happy’ hitmaker explained: “It took the whole cancer thing for me to look at my life and go ‘what did I think my life was going to look like?’ I thought I was going to get married and have kids because that’s what my parents did. But I never thought I was going to have cancer. And I also didn’t think I was going to become a well-known rock star and travel the world.

“So, after I had cancer I thought I can be a mum - and if a great man comes in and becomes a part of that story, fantastic. But I’m probably not gonna get married and have children in that order. So, let’s start the process and see what happens.”

And although Sheryl has been unlucky in love, with failed relationships with Eric Clapton, Lance Armstrong and Owen Wilson, she still holds out hope that she will meet her Mr. Right.

She said: “I wouldn’t say I’ve sacrificed [a relationship for a career]. I would just say I was just unsuccessful. It took me a long time to learn what it means to be authentic and intimate with someone - and I don’t mean sexually. But to let your guard down and speak your truth and let the chips fall where they may. You have to have that in a relationship. I’m still learning.”