Pete Townshend saved Roger Daltrey’s new album

March 22, 2018 GMT

Roger Daltrey’s new solo album was saved by Pete Townshend.

The 74-year-old singer has teamed up with Pete, 72, on his new solo album ‘As Long As I Have You’, and has admitted to harbouring doubts about the project before his Who bandmate convinced him to press ahead with the record.

He confessed: “There was a time there when I didn’t think I’d make it at all. But this incredible peace came over me. I’ll never forget it.

“Pete was the one who convinced me that it was great.”

Despite their history together, the duo hardly ever see eye-to-eye when they’re in the studio.

Asked how their relationship differs when they’re working on Roger’s solo projects, Pete explained: “You know, the difficult thing for Roger and me is that we never really collaborated on a creative level, not even in the way we plan stage shows.

“Either I am driving or he is driving. One of us always has to go passive to get a decision. We debate and discuss, but we rarely agree completely.”


Roger has already thanked his bandmate for his help with the new album, while Pete has hailed Roger’s record as a “brave” move.

Speaking to Mojo magazine, Pete shared: “Roger left a phone message thanking me for my work and support, so I assume he liked what I did.

“My feeling is that even the harshest critic will appreciate that this album is a brave adventure for Roger and [producer] Dave Eringa.

“They are using songs from an R&B era where serious political issues were being tackled almost in code by a diverse artistic base for the first time. Roger sings like a superhero, bringing back the memory of the activism of that era.”