It’s about to ‘Rain’ Beatles’ classics, Broadway style, at the Palace Theatre

March 15, 2018 GMT

There are many, many bands paying tribute to the music of the Beatles.

But there is only one Rain.

Last April, these talented, creative, enthusiastic musicians came to the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh billed as one of the nation’s best bands honoring the music of the Fab Four.

And almost 40 songs later, they did not disappoint the nearly packed house.

And, now, Rain is back to do it again, this time at the Palace Theatre, Greensburg, on Feb. 28

“We’re so proud of this new show. The reviews are so satisfying and reassuring,” says Paul Curatolo, who, as he describes it, “tributes Sir Paul McCartney.”

“We like to keep our show fresh with new song lists and costume changes. This year we are celebrating 50 years of ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band!’ ”

He believes what separates the Rain production from other Beatles tributes is “our show is a multi-media Broadway experience, taking the audience on a trip through the Beatles iconic career.”


“We have incredible fans, and a lot of our loyal fans return year after year, for which we thank them,” Curatolo says. Many weren’t even born when Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison were rocking the world.

The reason the Beatles continue to resonate, to touch people, with music that never seems to go out of date is because, he says, “they wrote timeless music, had classic style and revolutionized the industry.”

“To this day,” he adds, “no one has come close and I don’t think anyone will.”

How challenging is it, from a musician’s standpoint, to be able to present this show?

“It’s a labor of love so it’s a fun challenge. Our quest for perfection is never ending,” Curatolo replies. “Playing the Beatles’ music and seeing the age range of fans keeps it fun and satisfying.”

He developed a deeper appreciation for the Beatles and their contributions after he joined Rain.

“Of course! Delving into the Beatles catalog opened my eyes and ears to their genius, more than I thought possible,” he says.

To those coming to their first Rain concert, he advises: “Bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to sing and shout.”

Rex Rutkoski is a Tribune-Review contributing writer.