Shannen Doherty feels great

March 6, 2017 GMT

Shannen Doherty is feeling “great and lucky”.

The former ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ is much stronger after completing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for her battle with breast cancer and was delighted to host the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation’s Gratitude Gala on Saturday (03.04.17) and walk the red carpet with the charity’s founder, Marc Ching.

She told People magazine: “I feel great. I feel great, I feel like lucky.

“Lucky that I’m here, lucky that I’m standing next to Marc, lucky that I get to be a part of this foundation, lucky that we get to be a voice tonight for the voiceless and just lucky.”

Despite being praised for her bravery during her cancer fight, Shannen insists she isn’t an inspiration.

She told ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “I don’t consider myself an inspiration. Marc is an inspiration to me, that’s an inspiration.

“I think what he faces on a daily basis makes my cancer look mild, because that’s something that chemo doesn’t get rid of and radiation doesn’t get rid of -- what he bears witness to.


“So, you know, if I inspire someone, great. But this man is my inspiration.”

After the gala, which took place at W Hollywood in California, the 45-year-old star’s husband, Kurt Iwarienko, shared an extract from his wife’s speech, in which she spoke of how inspired she felt by the animals rescued by AHWF.

Kurt wrote on Instagram: “The animals Marc rescues touch my heart. I see the ones he saves.... I see their spirit, I see their drive to live, and most importantly their ability to forgive and to once again love. I see all of this, and I gotta tell you, I am so humbled. They’ve encouraged me to face adversity with the same strength and grace they display in the face of destruction.(sic)”

He added: “This was from her speech last night hosting a charity gala for @animalhopeandwellness in Hollywood.

“She was introducing animal advocate, crusader, dog saver Marc Ching. Lots of thankful compassionate tears were flowing in the room. And I for one was proud and in awe of my wife’s unsurpassable gift for words and human connection. #love #peace #dogs.(sic)”