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How to Download Instagram Stories, Photos, and Videos In Simple Steps

December 21, 2020 GMT
How to Download Instagram Stories, Photos, and Videos In Simple Steps
How to Download Instagram Stories, Photos, and Videos In Simple Steps
How to Download Instagram Stories, Photos, and Videos In Simple Steps

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Instagram today is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms used by millions of people daily. One can easily download Instagram photos, videos, and stories quickly by making optimum use of specialized tools for that purpose.

In fact, for millions of people across the globe, the Instagram tool has become an integral part of their daily lives. Many celebrities and influencers showcase their videos on their IG profiles.

Fans and followers can download these photos, videos and stories using IG downloader. Let us analyze why users download Instagram video, stories, and photo so much these days!


Top 3 Reasons Why We Are Fond of Instagram Photos

Crystal Clear Quality

We are fond of Instagram photos because of its crystal clear quality and high-resolution pictures. Most celebrities and brands always showcase their photos on Instagram.

All at a Single Place

Instagram is a place where we can get a lot of high-quality pictures on a single platform. No doubt, Instagram is the one-source destination to getting quality photos, images and selfies.

No Chance of Spamming

Instagram doesn’t allow link sharing. By doing so, it helps showcases images and selfies in style. So, users coming to Instagram come with the sole purpose of looking into images or selfies.

However, the real catch is you can’t download any photos from Instagram. The social media site doesn’t offer any such solution. However, you can download Instagram Photos by using Bigbangram’s tool.

How to Download Photos Using this Tool

  • Copy the photo link that you wish to download.
  • Now open your Bigbangram app.
  • In its URL box – paste the link.
  • Now, click download.
  • Within three seconds, you will see the image directly downloaded to your smartphone gallery.

Due to its very user-friendly way of downloading, Bigbangram has already gained massive popularity all over the world. It is your one-stop solution to downloading of Instagram photos.

How to Download Instagram Videos

Apart from images, Instagram is a popular video-sharing app too. We often come across many such videos that we wish to download. Unfortunately, you won’t get that option on Instagram.

In such a case, we should use Instagram video downloader. We will briefly explain how to download your favorite video using this tool for your benefit.


A 7-Step Guide to Downloading Instagram Videos

  • Go to the video that you wish to download.
  • Click on its options by pressing three dots on the extreme right corner.
  • Now press copy link.
  • Launch your ключ Instagram video downloader and paste the link in the URL section.
  • If the link is correct, you will see the ‘Download’ option.
  • Click download and save the video at your desired folder.
  • After a few minutes, you will get the video.

Top 3 Reasons Why Should You Download Instagram Videos

Video for Motivation

Some videos on Instagram are truly inspirational. We should download them to our device for future reference. You can use these video clips for research, content development or even self-improvement purposes.

For the Love of Celebrities

Sometimes, we see videos of our favourite celebrities too cute to ignore. That’s when you need to use a good Instagram Video tool to get your favourite videos downloaded to your device.

Personal Instagram Videos

We also upload various videos on our Instagram profiles. Out of hurry, we often miss out keeping a copy of the same. However, using a quality IG downloader app, we can retrieve that video at one click.

How to Download Instagram Stories

The latest craze of ‘story sharing’ is well-known to everyone. However, Insta story stays active for 24 hours only, and then it automatically vanishes thereafter. But you need not worry. We have got you covered.

Using a specialized toolkit you can easily download Instagram stories straight to your device.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Downloading Insta Stories

  • Launch Instagram App on your smartphone.
  • Copy the Instagram user’s handle whose story you want to download.
  • Now, in another window, launch the dedicated tool for Downloading Instagram Stories.
  • Type the Instagram user’s profile id (username) on the tool’s interface.
  • That’s it. The tool will automatically fetch you with the latest IG stories of that IG user.
  • Now, press download on your favourite story.
  • Voila! Within three-four seconds, the story will be in your download section or gallery.

Why Should We Download Instagram Stories


The life of an Instagram story is only one day. Many times, we wish to retain a few IG stories to our device permanently. In such a case, downloading the story is a must.

Content Inspiration

Today, Instagram users love stories more than feeds and photos. Instagram stories are skippable. With a single touch, you can go from one user’s profile to another–no need to scroll. We need IG stories to stay motivated and inspired.

Special Event

Sometimes, we publish stories from significant events of our lives. In such cases, we often post IG stories without keeping copies of the same. We may lose those photos or videos without a download.

The Conclusion

There’s no doubt, Instagram has become an integral part of our lives. Starting from our life’s significant achievement to our latest vacation trip, Instagram is a one-stop solution to posting selfies, videos and stories in an intriguing story-telling manner.

Using Bigbangram app, we can save all necessary images, stories and videos that we see on Instagram. It works on the principle of What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) format. So, when you are using this tool, there is no question of getting an inferior quality video or image.

This app maintains full privacy and will never let the other IG user know that you have downloaded IG content from their profile.


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