Where Does the Oscar Go?

March 4, 2018 GMT

If you’re lucky enough to win an Oscar, you’ll probably be torn between wanting to carry it everywhere you go, and hiding it so nobody can accuse you of showing off. That’s probably why there are so many different answers to the question, “Where do you keep your Oscar?” People magazine rounded up what the stars have said over the years about the location of their statuette -- here’s a rundown:

Kate Winslet: “The back of the [toilet]. Everybody wants to hold it and go ‘Oh, my gosh,’ and ‘How heavy is it?’ So I figured if I put it in the loo, then people can avoid the whole, ‘Where’s your Oscar?’ thing.”

Gwyneth Paltrow: ”[I] keep it tucked away at the back of the bookshelf in my bedroom because it weirds me out.”

Natalie Portman: “I don’t know where it is...I think it’s in the safe or something....I haven’t seen it in a while.”


Tom Hanks: “They are on the family trophy shelf, next to the soccer trophies. I think the World’s Greatest Mom trophy from Mother’s Day is up there as well.”

Emma Stone: “My mom holds on to it...[and Jimmy Kimmel] sent underwear for [it], like rubber underwear, so he’s wearing tighty-whities. Jimmy said, ‘I’d like to bring some decency into your home.’”

Jamie Foxx: “My manager holds the Oscar. He keeps it at his crib. I got too much traffic at my house!”

Catherine Zeta-Jones: “He’s in our home in Bermuda. I figured that not many Oscars have lived there. Of course, everyone who visits wants a photograph with him.”

Anna Paquin: “I keep it next to my boots at the back of my closet. I don’t display it because friends would think they had to comment and I don’t want that kind of attention.”