Delmarva fox squirrels relocated to Delaware

November 3, 2021 GMT

GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) — Delaware is adding to its population of a squirrel considered endangered until a few years ago.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control said four Delmarva fox squirrels were recently relocated from Maryland to the Delaware Forest Service’s Headquarters Tract at Redden State Forest near Georgetown, WDEL-FM reported. The group included two males and two females.

The Delmarva fox squirrel is larger, fluffier, and more silver in color than an Eastern gray squirrel. The squirrel was added to the federal Endangered Species list in 1967 and was removed in 2015.

While the squirrel is abundant on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, it remains rare in Delaware with only three known established populations in Sussex County.

Officials plan to relocate at least another 15 squirrels to Delaware in the spring.