Bottle chandelier, plastic bag suit: Maine students upcycle

April 18, 2021 GMT

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine (AP) — The finalists in a Maine environmental group’s recycling challenge include a chandelier made of plastic bottles and a two-piece outfit made with plastic bags and a pillowcase.

The entrants are finalists in ecomaine’s Upcycle Challenge, which called on students to use items that would normally be discarded to make new, functional ones. The challenge will award $500 to a participating student’s school.

The chandelier, which also includes bottle caps, felt and foam, was made by Fiddlehead Center for the Arts in Scarborough. Laurel Wight at Freeport Middle School made the two-piece outfit.


Other finalists include a bomber jacket made from old shirts and an old bridesmaid dress by Aurora Milton at Cape Elizabeth High School. The Morse High School Green Club made a bike rack from old bicycles and a cross-country ski.

Alexzandra Jewett of Saco Middle School made an end table from parts from a 1989 Ford Mustang that no longer worked. The sixth finalist is Lindsay Turcotte of Saco Middle School who made a door hanger for coats, pet leashes and other belongings from an old rake head.

The environmental group is taking votes online through April 22, which is Earth Day.