Pope: No same sex marriage, but uphold other rights

STORY: In Air Pope Gay Marriage - Pope: No same sex marriage, but uphold other rights

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DATELINE: 15 September - In Air




In air - 15 September 2021

1. Pope Francis arriving in media seating area with Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni

2. Cutaway to media

3. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Pope Francis: (answering a question about whether he approves of legislation in Europe support married homosexuals)

“I have spoken clearly about this, no? Marriage is a sacrament. Marriage is a sacrament. The church doesn’t have the power to change sacraments. It’s as our Lord established. These are laws that try to help the situation for many people of different sexual orientation. It is important that this helps people but without imposing things that by nature do not function in the church. But if they want to spend their lives together, a homosexual couple, nations have the possibility civilly to support them, to give them safety with regards to inheritance and health.”

4. Tilt up of Pope Francis speaking

5. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Pope Francis:

“Marriage is marriage, but this does not mean condemning (homosexual) people...no, please, these are our brothers and sisters and we need to be close to them but marriage as a sacrament is clear, but there are civil laws that…for example three widows who want to partner through a law to have health care and then share the inheritance, you can do these things.”

6. Cameraman in aisle

7. Francis waving at end


Pope Francis on Wednesday said the church couldn’t accept gay marriage because marriage is a sacrament between a man and woman.

But the pontiff stressed that states can and should pass civil laws to allow homosexual couples to have inheritance rights and health care coverage.

“Marriage is marriage. This doesn’t mean condemning people who are like this. No, please! They are our brothers and sisters and we have to accompany them,” he said, as he returned to Rome on a flight from Bratislava.

Francis told media aboard the flight laws are important to help “many people of different sexual orientation.”

He said that the sacrament is not condemning people but that “marriage as a sacrament is clear.”

Francis ended his first post-surgery trip in Slovakia after a four-day pilgrimage including Budapest and Hungary.

He has appeared in good form and spirits throughout the grueling itinerary, seemingly energised by the crowds after being cooped up in the Vatican for over a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

Francis has at least two other trips planned before the end of the year: a quick trip to Glasgow, Scotland, to participate in the U.N. climate conference in November, and a trip - not yet confirmed by the Vatican - to Greece, Cyprus and Malta in December.


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