Coard: President Thomas Jefferson: A Pedophile Rapist

March 4, 2018 GMT

In my Freedom’s Journal column last week here in The Philadelphia Tribune, I exposed the lie about President George Washington’s supposed wooden teeth and disclosed the truth about them having been “yanked from the heads of his slaves.”

White racists who read it went ballistic. They denied. They yelled. They screamed. They hollered. They insulted. They trolled. But mostly, they unwittingly made my column go viral all over social media. And for that I say, “Thank you, racist white folks. Thank you very much!” I also say if you were mad about that Washington column, you’re gonna be livid about this Thomas Jefferson column.

Jefferson, the third president of the United States and the man given credit for drafting the Declaration of Independence — which hypocritically proclaimed “All men [and women] are created equal” — was not only a slaveholder. He was also a pedophile rapist. You want proof? OK.


As U.S. Envoy and Minister to France, Jefferson began living there periodically from 1784-1789. He took with him his oldest daughter Martha and a few of those whom he enslaved, including James Hemings. In 1787, he requested that his daughter Polly join him. This meant Polly’s enslaved chambermaid, 14-year-old seamstress Sarah “Sally” Hemings (James’ younger sister), was to accompany her.

Both Sally and James were among the six mulatto offspring of Jefferson’s father-in-law, John Wayles and his enslaved “domestic servant” Betty Hemings. Sally and James were half-siblings of Thomas’ late wife, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson (meaning Thomas and Sally were technically related).

Thomas Jefferson, after repeatedly raping Sally while in Paris, impregnated her. Her first child died after she returned to America. But she has six more of Thomas’ children at Monticello.

But you don’t have to believe me. You can read the January 2000 official report by the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation’s Research Committee, which concluded, based on DNA studies, primary and secondary documents, oral histories of Jefferson and Hemings descendants, and nationally renowned scholars, that there is a “high probability that Thomas Jefferson fathered Eston Hemings and that he most likely was the father of all six of Sally Hemings’ children appearing in Jefferson’s records.” By “high probability” and “most likely,” you know that report actually and euphemistically meant “absolute certainty.”


As a result of Jefferson’s perverted and criminal lust for a Black child, many people during that time were confused about why he promoted the “Back To Africa” movement. But those who knew the real deal knew he never really supported the notion of Blacks being returned to their Motherland to be free, to be independent, and to prosper. Nope. That wasn’t true. The truth, as noted by Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation Professor Emeritus Peter S. Onuf, is that it was in reality a scheme by Jefferson to try to conceal Hemings’ children who were his “shadow family.”

Jefferson’s inhumanity as a pedophile rapist wasn’t an aberration in terms of his character. After all, he was a lifetime slaveholder.

He was the son of Peter Jefferson, a Virginia landowning slaveholder who died in 1757, leaving the eleven-year-old Thomas with a massive estate. In 1767, he formally inherited 52 Black human beings. When he authored the Declaration of Independence in 1776, he held 175 Black men, women, and children in bondage. By 1822, he had increased that number to 267.

In addition to being a slave-owning racist, he was a legislative racist. As pointed out by Joyce Oldham Appleby, Professor Emerita of History at UCLA and former President of the Organization of American Historians and the American Historical Association, as well as by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., former Professor of History at Harvard University and Professor Emeritus at CUNY Graduate Center, Jefferson opposed the practice of slaveholders freeing their enslaved because he claimed it would encourage rebellion. And, as noted by John E. Ferling, Professor Emeritus of History at University of West Georgia, after Jefferson was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1769, he attempted to introduce laws that essentially would have banned free Blacks from entering or exiting that state and would have banished children whose fathers were of African origin. He also tried to expel white women who had children by Black men. After his election as Governor in 1779, he signed a bill to encourage enlistment in the Revolutionary War by compensating white men with payment of “a healthy sound Negro.”

But he wasn’t merely a domestic racist. He was an international racist, too. As Secretary of State in 1795, he gave $40,000 and one thousand firearms to colonial French slaveholders in Haiti in an attempt to defeat Toussaint L’Ouverture’s slave rebellion. As President, he supported French plans to resume power, lent France $300,000 “for relief of whites on the island,” and in 1804 refused to recognize Haiti as a sovereign republic after its military victory. Two years later, he imposed a trade embargo.

Along with being a perverted, slave-owning, legislative, domestic, and international racist, Jefferson was a blatantly ignorant racist. In his 1785 book entitled “Notes on the State of Virginia,” he wrote about “the preference of the ‘oran-outan’ (i.e., an ape-like creature) for the Black women over those of… (its) own species.” He also wrote that Blacks have “a very strong and disagreeable odor” and that they “are inferior to the whites....”

Oh, by the way, he was a lying racist, too. His friend from the American Revolution, Polish nobleman Tadeusz Kosciuszko, came to America in 1798 to receive back pay for his military service. He then wrote a will directing Jefferson to use all of Kosciuszko’s money and land in the U.S. to “free and educate slaves.” Jefferson agreed to do so. After Kosciuszko died in 1817, Jefferson refused to free or educate any of them.

The next time your children’s or grandchildren’s or nieces’ or nephews’ teachers lie to them about the great Thomas Jefferson, ask those teachers this: “How could a slave-owning racist pedophile (incestuous) rapist be a great man?”