For Knox soliders deploying to Europe to bolster US allies

March 7, 2022 GMT

FORT KNOX, Ky. (AP) — About 300 soldiers from Fort Knox’s Victory Corps are being deployed to Germany and Poland to boster U.S. Army forces in Europe.

The Corps already has soldiers stationed at an operational command post in Poznan, Poland, but the Army said last week it is deploying the Corps’ main headquarters to Europe as well.

The additional deployment will “build readiness, improve interoperability, reinforce allies and deter further Russian aggression,” the Army said in a news release. The Corps will support NATO’s eastern flank and help coordinate multinational exercises across the continent.

“Victory Corps is ready and prepared to support the orders of the President, and demonstrate our commitment to our NATO Allies,” Lt. Gen. John S. Kolasheski said in a news release. “Throughout our unit’s history, we have stood as guardians of peace in Europe and we once again proudly answer the nation’s call.”