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Voice of the People: Socialism has no place in America

February 18, 2019 GMT

After we eat the rich -- then what?

This is the question the sycophant media never gets around to asking the left-wing darlings prattling on about “Medicare for all”, higher “free” education as a right or a basic income for all, etc. never get asked.

Since all the wealth of the top 10 percent would feed the national budget for only a year or less, how do we use their wealth to give more “free” stuff away?

Also, will the rich stand for it when they can move to the Bahamas, Ireland, New Zealand or some other place where the rich aren’t cannibalized?

Well, after the rich, then what or who?


That’s right, if you’re a productive member of society, working in the private sector, only paying say 40-50 percent of your six-figure income to the Feds, the state and your “benevolent” local government, I’d say that would be you?

Oh, a lot of us will say, “wow″ at least I don’t qualify for that money grab!

Well, what if these upper-middle-class earners decide they don’t like 80-90 percent of their earnings confiscated and decide to go on the dole with the “poor”?

Whoops! Oh, you didn’t see that coming you moderate income earners of $30-$75k per year, many of you paying less than 10 percent to the Feds because of generous deductions and exemptions are “blind-sided.”

Your Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders and all the others in congress who think 70-90 percent tax rates are justified on the “tippy-top” of income earners now have only you to shakedown.

That’s when we become the Soviet Union, Red China and eventually Venezuela as a more up to date example.

Please, do you have people in your life under 50? Explain to them the painful, but rewarding fact that their is no “free lunch.”

When you get a free sandwich or MRI it’s because someone else paid for it.

Please, explain that what brings more beneficial and lower cost goods and services to all is the “free,” “private” markets, not encumbered by those who make their living confiscating dollars and intellectual property from others.

America is proof of that.

The Carnegies, Rockefellers, Melons, Fords, DuPonts, Morgans, Edisons, Wright Brothers and other great industrialists, inventors, pioneers of new ideas and processes of the late 19th and early 20th century enriched the nation, they didn’t steal from it.

To their ultimate shame, they left vast wealth to foundations with their names on them now run by liberals that have rejected our founding ideals and morality in favor of “one” shoe can fit all and all have a right to what anyone else has who produced more for themselves through their hard work and ingenuity.


My final statement:

I believe in God, the Bible and its system of religion and also civil government.

I believe in the equality of man as each of us having the Imageo Deo (Image of God) imprinted uniquely upon us at conception.

God never asks the rich or the poor to give more or less. (You can give more if you want)/

I believe God’s system works best -- whether the religious or the civil.

I also believe that President Trump was absolutely right when in the State of the Union, he declared -- “America will never be a socialist nation.”

Ron Hansen