Animal rights activists stage rare protest in Cuba’s capital

November 11, 2019 GMT

HAVANA (AP) — Cuban animal rights activists have staged a rare protest in Havana, where authorities swiftly crack down on unapproved demonstrations.

About 30 animal advocates gathered Monday morning in front of a pound on the outskirts of the capital where street dogs are taken to be euthanized. The demonstrator s carried signs protesting euthanasia and rough treatment of dogs by city dog-watchers.

Images circulating online among Cubans in recent days showed dogs being hurled into trucks by dogcatchers, who posters said were collecting animals ahead of a four-day visit by the king and queen of Spain scheduled to being Monday night.


Police arrived on the scene and the crowd dispersed, but authorities gave protesters 12 dogs from the pound to take home so they would not be euthanized.