State collected $43 million in online sales taxes since 2018

June 22, 2020 GMT

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota has collected about $43 million in online sales taxes since they were authorized two years ago, according to state revenue officials.

The U.S. Supreme Court in June 2018 ruled that states can force online shoppers to pay sales tax. North Dakota began collecting from remote sellers that fall.

“This was indeed a landmark decision for North Dakota and all states that use sales taxes as a vital source of state funding,” state tax Commissioner Ryan Rauschenberger said.

The court’s decision leveled the playing field for local sellers who were no longer at a competitive disadvantage with their online competitors due to a sales tax requirement, Rauschenberger said.


North Dakota cities and counties that impose local sales taxes have received nearly $15 million through the first half of this year, the Bismarck Tribune reported.