Naomi Campbell dating Egyptian businessman?

July 12, 2017 GMT

Naomi Campbell is reportedly dating Egyptian tobacco company boss Louis C Camilleri.

The 47-year-old model is believed to have struck up a relationship with the wealthy businessman - who is also a director of Ferrari - after the pair met through their shared love of Formula One racing.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Naomi and Louis have been secretly dating for weeks. They’re all over each other when they’re out. Naomi likes to keep her relationships private and it is early days but there’s a real spark between them and their close friends are aware they’re dating.”

Not much is known of their rumoured relationship, but it’s thought Naomi has enjoyed trips on Louis’ private jet, as well as having been spotted together in London restaurants.


Meanwhile, the brunette beauty recently admitted she’s itching to start a family of her own and constantly has babies on the brain, although she isn’t sure whether she wants to have her own children naturally or go down the path of adoption.

Asked whether she would like to start a family, Naomi said: “I think about having children all the time. But now with the way science is I think I can do it when I want.”

And at the time, Naomi added she would never want to be a single parent as she believes a child needs a father figure.

When asked if she would rather have her own children instead of adopting, she said: “Maybe. Maybe ... Maybe. No [I wouldn’t be a single parent]. I do want a father figure. I think it’s important. It’s the way I feel today, sitting here talking to you.”

Despite striking up a relationship with the boss of a tobacco company, Naomi previously signed up to Narcotics Anonymous to get herself on the road to recovery from substance abuse.

She said: “People tried to shame me about the fact that I went to get help. You should never feel shame because recovery is a positive thing. But when I first went, people were not open about this stuff. Everything like this should be talked about openly. Mental health issues, postpartum depression - there are so many different things. Come together and help each other, that’s important.”