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Video shows 2015 farmers’ protest in Brussels

August 18, 2022 GMT

CLAIM: Video shows Dutch farmers protesting in the Netherlands in 2022.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The video shows farmers in Brussels protesting falling dairy prices in September 2015.

THE FACTS: Social media users are sharing an old video of farmers clashing with police during a demonstration in Brussels as dairy prices fell. The video shows farmers spraying straw at police officers, who are wearing riot gear and white helmets. Later in the clip, protesters set straw on fire.

“Welcome to the farmer’s rebellion in the Netherlands,” a tweet claims, sharing the clip from the protest. The clip also circulated on Facebook and Reddit.

The video was filmed on Sept. 7, 2015, at the Schuman roundabout in Brussels, outside the Justus Lipsius building, where the Council of the European Union is located. A green tractor is shown spraying straw at a line of police officers. The Associated Press filmed video of the protest showing the green tractor from another angle. The police, who are wearing white helmets are shown standing in line in both videos.

Thousands of farmers took part in the protest demanding the European Union provide more aid and higher prices for milk and meat. Police used a water cannon and pepper spray against demonstrators, the AP reported.

This summer, farmers in the Netherlands protested for weeks against government proposals to reduce nitrogen emissions, a plan that would likely force farmers to cut their livestock. Thousands of farmers protested on crowded highways, setting fires near roads. The AP debunked old images that were misrepresented alongside images of recent farmers’ protests.


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