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Pfizer CEO is vaccinated

August 25, 2021 GMT

CLAIM: The CEO of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer has not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Albert Bourla, the chairman and CEO of Pfizer, received his second dose of his company’s vaccine in March after waiting a few months for individuals at greater risk from the virus to get vaccinated.

THE FACTS: Social media users this week are recycling old claims that Pfizer’s chief executive refuses to take the COVID-19 vaccine that his company manufactures.

“PFIZER CEO HAS NOT YET HAD VACCINE,” read text on a video shared widely on Instagram. The video showed Bourla telling an interviewer he will get the vaccine as soon as he can, but doesn’t want to cut the line.

“CEO of Pfizer says he is not getting the ‘vax’ that his own company made…they all know it’s poison except you,” read another caption shared with the clip on Instagram.

But the interview dates to Dec. 14, and Bourla announced on Twitter that he received his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on March 10.

Bourlatold CNBC reporter Meg Tirrell in the December interview that, at 59 years old, he would wait his turn to receive the vaccine after frontline workers and seniors had a chance.


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