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Social media users share fake CTV News headline

April 27, 2022 GMT

CLAIM: CTV News published an article stating that experts are worried that “conspiracy theorists keep getting things right.”

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The post is fabricated. The Canadian media outlet did not publish the article, a spokesperson for the company confirmed.

THE FACTS: Social media users recently shared a bogus post purportedly of a CTV News headline stating: “Conspiracy theorists keep getting things right; Experts say “that’s dangerous.”′

The post features a Feb. 9 photo from the anti-vaccine trucker protest in Ottawa by photographer Spencer Platt for Getty Images.

The caption under the post’s headline reads: “Movements like the ‘freedom convoy’ are fueled by conspiracy theories, and when those theories are correct, it legitimizes them.”

Dozens of social media users shared the fabricated post.

’“Conspiracy theories” keep coming true, and apparently that’s a problem for someone,” wrote a social media user, who shared the post on both Facebook and Instagram.

A search of CTV News online found neither the headline, nor any such story relating to the headline.

The post contains the CTV News logo and attempts to mirror the format of the publication’s online articles. But the logo is centered in the fabricated post, while the logo is placed to the left in CTV News’ online articles.

“I can confirm CTV News did not put this article out,” Rob Duffy, a spokesperson for CTV News, told The Associated Press in an email.


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