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NOT REAL NEWS: Caffeinated ham not a new product by Monster Energy

November 2, 2018 GMT

A California-based beverage company is not selling caffeinated “energy”  ham, despite an image circulating widely on social media.

A digitally altered photo of a package that appeared to contain ham created by Monster Energy Company is the handiwork of Adam Padilla, or “adam.the.creator,” an internet personality known for creating false and satirical images. Padilla first shared the image on Instagram Oct. 30 with his social media handle included as a watermark on the bottom left of the packaging. 

“Yes I created the image,” Padilla said in a text message to the AP. “I digitally manipulated the package design in Adobe Photoshop as part of my daily meme creation.”


Michael Sitrick, a spokesman for Monster, confirmed to the AP that “Monster does not sell ‘energy’ or any ham for that matter.”