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Pelosi didn’t purchase $25 million mansion in Florida

November 24, 2021 GMT

CLAIM: Photo shows a $25 million home that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has purchased in Florida.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Pelosi’s office said there is “no such pending sale” and the brokerage that listed the property also confirmed that the buyer is not the speaker.

THE FACTS: Various posts spreading widely on Facebook and Twitter in recent days have falsely claimed to show a photo of a $25 million home in Florida that Pelosi has purchased.

“Nancy Pelosi just bought this $25 million house in Florida,” one Facebook image declared. “She fled Communist California for freedom in Florida.”

The photo cited comes from a listing for an oceanfront, 10,000-square-foot property on South Beach Road on Jupiter Island.

A spokesman for Pelosi refuted the claim and denied that she is considering moving to Florida.

“This information is inaccurate,” Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, said in an email to The Associated Press. “There’s no such pending sale nor is the family looking or interested.”

Beth Bourque, owner of Southern Shore Properties, the brokerage that listed the property, said the house is under contract and confirmed the buyer is not Pelosi or her family.

“It’s not her,” Bourque said. “It’s a rumor that’s been floating around and it’s just gotten bigger and bigger.”

A representative for the person purchasing the property also told the AP that the buyer is not Pelosi, but someone who lives nearby, in Admirals Cove. Nor, he added, is Pelosi buying another high-end home on South Beach Road that also recently sold.

“She’s totally unrelated to any of the buyers or any of the sellers,” said Rob Thomson, owner of Waterfront Properties.

A financial disclosure report for 2020 filed by Pelosi, who lives in San Francisco, lists a vineyard among her assets, as well as commercial properties in California owned by her husband from which he collects rent.


This story has been updated to add information from Waterfront Properties and to correct that the commercial properties are owned by Pelosi’s husband.


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