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World Economic Forum didn’t tweet about harvesting children’s blood

June 18, 2021 GMT

CLAIM: A May 3 tweet from the World Economic Forum asks, “Why is there such a stigma surrounding harvesting children’s blood?”

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The tweet is fabricated, the World Economic Forum confirmed to The Associated Press. It doesn’t appear in a Twitter search, nor in an online database that archived the forum’s account over time.

THE FACTS: The international organization known for hosting an annual gathering of elites in Davos, Switzerland, isn’t advocating the use of children’s blood for anti-aging, despite posts claiming as much on social media.

The fake tweet, which has been shared widely on Instagram and Twitter this week, is made to look like it was posted by the World Economic Forum’s Twitter account, @wef, on May 3.

“As new research suggests that the blood of prepubescent young people may possess significant anti-ageing properties, we ask: Why is there such a stigma surrounding harvesting children’s blood?” reads the fake tweet.

It also includes a shortened link that appears to direct readers to the forum’s website. The link is similar in style to others the organization has tweeted.

“The World Economic Forum never posted the tweet in question, nor have we ever posted anything similar,” said Madeleine Hillyer, media relations representative for the forum.

A search of the forum’s Twitter account, as well as a search through the internet archive database the Wayback Machine, found no evidence the tweet was real.

The shortened link in the fake tweet does not lead to any webpage, nor does it lead to the World Economic Forum’s website.


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