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Image does not show Hurricane Dorian arriving in Florida

September 6, 2019 GMT

CLAIM: Photo of a massive, cyclone-like cloud shows Hurricane Dorian hovering over the Bahamas as it approaches the Florida coast. 

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The image, a digital art work, was fabricated.

THE FACTS: The image, falsely captioned as showing Dorian over Florida headed to Florida, circulated widely on social media early this week as Hurricane Dorian pummeled the Bahamas. It was created by artist Brent Shavnore and published on his Instagram account on April 12, well before the hurricane. 

Shavnore confirmed in an email to The Associated Press that the image was digital. He said he makes YouTube tutorials that teach people how to make digital art similar to his. His Instagram account _ @Shavnore _ also features images similar to the one being misrepresented on social media. 


Posts with the false claim also widely circulated in Spanish, receiving thousands of shares on Twitter and Facebook 

Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said Wednesday that the hurricane was one of the greatest national crises to hit the Bahamas, according to The Associated Press.


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