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Miley Cyrus did not inspire Amy Coney Barrett to be a judge

October 21, 2020 GMT

CLAIM: At a Miley Cyrus concert in 1993, the pop singer told a 9-year-old girl that anything was possible as long as you believed in God. The little girl said she believed in God and was going to become famous one day by stopping Obamacare and making it illegal to kill babies. That little girl grew up to be Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who has been nominated to a Supreme Court seat.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. This post shares a folktale. Miley Cyrus was only 1 year old in 1993, and couldn’t have performed in a concert. Cyrus is also younger than Amy Coney Barrett, who is 48 years old. 


THE FACTS: A Facebook post suggesting the pop singer inspired the current Supreme Court nominee’s judicial career is both riddled with errors and puzzling in its claims.

The post, which the popular Facebook page Christian Conservatives for Trump shared on Tuesday, weaves a fictional narrative about how Cyrus and Barrett allegedly met.

“It was 1993 and Miley Cyrus was having a concert,” the post read. “After the concert she met a little girl who was probably about 9 years old. The little girl told Miley that she wanted to be famous just like her when she grows up. Miley smiled at the girl and said anything is possable as long as you beleif in God. The little girl said she beleifed in God and was going to be famous by making murdering babbys illegal and that she would stop Obamacares to!!! Years later Miley found out that the little girl had grown up and became a supreme court judge! That little girls name was Amy Coney Barrett!”

In the widely circulating post, the text is overlaid on a picture of pop singer Justin Bieber, though he isn’t mentioned in the story.

The claim’s lack of veracity can be established through birthdays and the date of other events. Cyrus, a 27-year-old pop singer, was born in 1992 and was only 1 year old in 1993. Barrett, a 48-year-old judge, began her legal career in the late 1990s, when Cyrus was still a child.

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, was not enacted until 2010, when President Barack Obama was in office. In 1993, Obama was not a well-known name, nor was his nationwide health care plan in consideration.

President Donald Trump nominated Barrett to the Supreme Court after the death of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in September. She is not a Supreme Court justice yet; senators are scheduled to vote on her confirmation by Monday, Oct. 26, according to reporting by The Associated Press.


Cyrus supported Trump’s opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 presidential election. Since then, she has criticized Trump, calling him racist, sexist and hateful in a Vanity Fair interview last year.


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