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Satire fuels false claims of ‘quarantine camps’ for unvaccinated in US

July 20, 2021 GMT

CLAIM: President Joe Biden recently announced that Americans not vaccinated for COVID-19 before 2022 will be sent to quarantine camps until they get their shots.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. This claim appears in a fake news story on the financial satire website The Stonk Market. Biden has not made any such announcement.

THE FACTS: An image circulating widely on Instagram this week pushes the false claim that Biden is planning on sending Americans to “quarantine camps.”

The image shows what appears to be a screenshot of an article from the website ValueWalk.com, featuring an illustration of the president.

“Announces Americans Not Vaccinated Before 2022 Will Be Put In Camps,” reads the visible part of the story’s headline. The text of the story claims Biden will detain people “indefinitely until they get their shots.”

An internet search finds the story does appear on ValueWalk.com, which bills itself as a nonpartisan financial news website. However, at the bottom of the story, the text reveals the post is satire and originated on The Stonk Market, a financial satire website.

The COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory in the United States and Biden has not announced any plans to detain people who choose not to get vaccinated.

Biden continues to encourage Americans to get vaccinated as the nation sees rising COVID-19 case numbers driven by large pockets of infection among people who have yet to get shots.


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