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Fabricated quote falsely attributed to Donald Trump Jr.

October 17, 2020 GMT

CLAIM: “My father doesn’t need to rape women. It’s more likely a woman would rape him. That’s how popular he is.” -- Donald Trump Jr. on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Oct. 14. 

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Trump Jr. was not on Hannity’s show that day and there is no evidence he made that remark. 

THE FACTS: The fabricated quote being attributed to the president’s oldest son circulated widely on Facebook and Twitter on Friday and Saturday. 

The posts containing the quote claimed he made the comment during Hannity’s radio show on Wednesday. The posts include a photo from The Denver Post of Trump Jr. speaking at the Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center on July 12, 2019. 


Why is it that every time a Trump talks about rape, they say the cringiest thing possible?” was the comment with one post shared more than 22,000 times on Facebook. 

A representative from Hannity’s radio show confirmed Donald Trump Jr. was not a guest on Wednesday. The guest was Sen. David Perdue, a Georgia Republican who is in a tight race with Democrat Jon Ossoff, for the senate seat.

A check of Donald Trump Jr.’s tweets and past remarks found no evidence that he made the comment.


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