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Photo of Biden with walking boot on wrong foot was edited

December 8, 2020 GMT

CLAIM: Photo shows President-elect Joe Biden with a walking boot on his left foot, even though he broke his right foot.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. This photo was edited to add the boot. The original photo is from 2018, when Biden was leaving an animal adoption center in Delaware with a new dog. Biden was not wearing a boot that day.

THE FACTS: On Nov. 17, 2018, Biden adopted his German shepherd, Major, from the Delaware Humane Association in Rehoboth Beach. The adoption center posted a photo and video of Biden as he left the facility.


An image of Biden leaving the adoption center in 2018 was circulating anew on social media this week, but with two things edited into the frame: a mask on Biden’s face and a walking boot on his left foot.

Facebook users posted the edited image alongside a recent, unedited photo of Biden wearing a walking boot on his right foot in Delaware on Dec. 1. Biden wore a boot for several days after fracturing his foot while playing with his dog on Nov. 28.

“Well, which leg is it?” read several of the posts, which collectively amassed more than 7 million views on Facebook.

It’s the right leg, as Biden’s doctor and several Associated Press photos have confirmed. 

There’s no evidence for posts suggesting the president-elect faked his injury or wore the boot on his left leg.

On Tuesday, Biden was not wearing a boot but was obviously limping, according to a reporter traveling with the president-elect in Delaware.


Associated Press writer Marcos Martínez Chacón contributed to this report.


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