Environmental groups sue over trapping of Humboldt martens

December 19, 2018 GMT

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Center for Biological Diversity and Cascadia Wildlands have sued the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for failing to ban the trapping of Humboldt martens in Oregon’s coastal forests.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in Portland comes after the mink-like animal was proposed for protection under the federal Endangered Species Act.

There are two Oregon subspecies of the Pacific marten, one on the coast and another in the state’s interior.

Fewer than 200 of the coastal subspecies -- the Humboldt martens -- survive.

The other subspecies is not imperiled.


The environmental groups say trapping even one Humboldt marten this season could push them toward extinction.

ODFW spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy didn’t respond to a request for comment.

The animals inhabit old-growth redwood forests and were once thought to be extinct.