Drought prompts water shortage advisory for New Mexico city

September 9, 2020 GMT

FARMINGTON, N.M. (AP) — One northwestern New Mexico city is trying to curb water use as the region deals with persistent drought.

The Farmington City Council passed a resolution Tuesday enacting a water shortage advisory that calls for residents to cut their use by 10%. The advisory will remain in place until further notice.

Lake Farmington supplies the city with drinking water and is fed by the Animas and San Juan rivers. City officials say low stream flows and the likelihood of continued dryness will prevent the community’s water supplies from being replenished so they’re trying to lower overall demand on the system.


The latest map shows severe to extreme drought centered over the area. All but a tiny sliver in northeastern New Mexico is grappling with some form of drought, making for a worse situation than just three months ago and much worse than the same period last year.

Some parts of the state received much needed rain and snow overnight Tuesday, but forecasters are expecting below normal precipitation later this fall.

The city of Farmington is urging residents to take shorter showers and not let the water run when brushing teeth or shaving. They’re also asking people to limit outdoor watering to certain hours, repair any leaks immediately and refrain from washing vehicles at home.