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Letterman Makes Wahoo His New Home Office

May 4, 1996 GMT

WAHOO, Neb. (AP) _ Maybe it was the cow-chip clock. Or the two live teens.

After three months of silly bribes, on Friday the tiny Nebraska town of Wahoo finally won the heart of David Letterman, succeeding incumbent Grand Rapids, Mich., as the home office for his Top 10 list.

``They called us and said they loved the cow-dung clock,″ said Judy Warneke of the Wahoo Chamber of Commerce. ``They put it up in the writer’s lounge. There’s a dead fly that’s glued to it and it really works.″

Wahoo and Grand Rapids each sent a lot of gifts, making it a tough call, said ``Late Show″ publicist Kim Izzo.

``Both of the glass tubes (for the bribes) were pretty even with all the stuff that’s been sent in,″ Izzo said. ``They were both filled close to the top.″

The gag competition began after the Wahoo Chamber of Commerce and Gov. Ben Nelson sent gifts urging Letterman to relocate the fictional home of his nightly comedy list.

The CBS talk show host brought it on himself by revealing on the air how much he likes to say ``wahoo.″

The city of 4,000 also sent T-shirts, an admiralship in the Great Nebraska Navy and frozen enchiladas. Last week, the Price family turned over its teen-age sons to the show. The brothers stayed in New York for a week and were on stage for the final announcement.