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A Look at Fahd’s 1981 Mideast Peace Plan

August 1, 2005 GMT

King Fahd proposed an eight-point Mideast peace plan during an Arab League summit in Fez, Morocco, in 1981, but it was scuttled by vehement opposition from Arab hard-liners because of its implicit recognition of Israel.

The proposal called for an independent Palestinian state that would include the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, an idea opposed by Israel’s government.

At the same time, the plan would have required all states in the region to agree to live together in peace. While not specifically naming Israel, that clause meant Arab nations would have to accept the Jewish state’s right to exist, hard-liners argued.


In 2002, Saudi Arabia unveiled a similar plan, offering Israel normalized relations in exchange for its full withdrawal from Arab lands captured in 1967, the creation of a Palestinian state and settlement of the Palestinian refugee issue.

Israel rebuffed the plan, which found little support in the United States and Europe.