Area flooding addressed by Ricketts and Wellman

June 30, 2018 GMT

NORFOLK - The Northeast Nebraska area has received its fair share of rain lately.

Areas that looked like lakes from the rain are finally starting to go back to normal.

Governor Pete Ricketts says he was able to witness all of the flooding around the area from the sky.

“I was flying around in the National Guard helicopter a couple of days ago inspecting some of the damage we had. We saw on highway 275 by West Point that the highway was flooded and Pender was also totally surrounded. We’re looking forward to those waters going down and then being able to assess the damage.”


Director of the Department of Agriculture Steve Wellman says from an agricultural standpoint the flooding was not good for the crops around the area.

He says farmers are still assessing the damage and seeing if they’ll have to use their crop insurance.

Thursday afternoon Ricketts issued a disaster declaration for Nebraska.

The declaration allows the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency to direct appropriate allocation of state resources to help communities and their response.