Kauai community once again cut off by landslides after storm

March 12, 2021 GMT

HONOLULU (AP) — A community on the Hawaiian island of Kauai that was isolated by storm-triggered landslides three years ago was once again cut off from the rest of the island on after a landslide cut across a key road.

The Kauai Emergency Management Agency said Thursday that part of the Kuhio Highway will remain closed at least through Tuesday while officials assess the damage, remove debris and stabilize slopes.

The landslide occurred after days of heavy rain battered the Hawaiian Islands.

Authorities on Maui and Oahu ordered mass evacuations of communities amid concerns over flooding. At least six homes and two bridges were damaged or destroyed on Maui.


The highway closure on Kauai blocks off the town of Hanalei as well as the communities of Haena and Wainiha from the rest of the island.

In 2018, landslides and prolonged road repairs cut off Haena and Wainiha to regular traffic for over a year. Hanalei was still accessible after that episode.

Food supplies were available at stores and food pantries in the isolated communities, the county’s emergency managers said. The county is working to bring in additional food and medical supplies as needed.