Subway presents workshop in Florence on making nutritional choices

July 19, 2019 GMT

FLORENCE, S.C. – Boys and girls learned about nutritional choices through a “Share the Color” food workshop presented by Subway at the Drs. Bruce & Lee Foundation Library on Wednesday morning.

Crystal Connor, a senior nutrition major at Clemson University, conducted the workshop designed to teach children how to make good food choices and to show them the importance of making colorful fruits and vegetables part of their daily meals and snacks.

The workshop was followed by a make-your-own sub lunch for the children, using what they had learned to build a sandwich based on the healthy choices.

Connor showed the children a 9-inch plate divided into five food groups with the correct proportion each should occupy on their plate at every meal. The groups were fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and diary.

David Kinleyson with Subway in South Carolina said the program started about three years ago to encourage children and their families to make better food choices.


He said they show the children how to add color to their daily diets by building their own subs.

The workshop, which was free, covered basic nutrition information and provided a coloring book with nutritional information for the children to take home.

The coloring book included tidbits such as “choosing spinach over lettuce, you’ll get more vitamins and minerals in every bite” and “cucumbers are 96 percent water.”

Kinleyson said Subway has presented the program 15 times at libraries this year with one more to go in Myrtle Beach next week. He said they have worked with more than 150 children.