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Thanks to those cleaning up our city

April 12, 2017 GMT

I would like to thank al, people involved in the roadside cleanup on March 24. The area cleaned was X32, from Airport Road to the Highway 61 Bypass.

Thanks to Mike Linnenbrink, the students and teachers from Holy Trinity, Stacy Weber, Craig Burch and Scott Edwards from the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and Lee County Supervisor Don Hunold. This resulted in 21 bags of debris collected.

I would also like to thank all people involved with the roadside clean up on April 8. The area cleaned was on Old Denmark Road, from the water tower to X32.

Thanks to Kim and all the volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints in Fort Madison, Councilman Brian Wright, Fort Madison Police Chief Tim Sittig, and two female police officers assisting in traffic control. This resulted in eight bags of debris collected.

I appreciate all you efforts in enhancing the image of out city!

Steve Koellner

Fort Madison