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Readers share their coupon wins, savings and successes

June 30, 2018 GMT

Don’t you love the feeling you get when you save money with coupons or score a deal that’s especially memorable? These readers are thrilled about their recent savings on clothing, garden supplies and, of course, groceries.

DEAR JILL: I wanted to share a coupon success story with you! A department store chain sent me a coupon for $10 off any purchase. I went to the store and found a shirt for $13. After I bought it, another coupon printed on the receipt for $15 off a $30 purchase of shoes. I went back to the shoe department and found one pair for $18.99 and another pair on clearance for $12.49. With that coupon, I paid $16.98 for both pairs. So, all in all, I bought almost $45 worth of items for just under $20! So excited about my deals!” — CONNIE P.


I never cease to be amazed by the number and high value of coupons that clothing retailers send out. I learned long ago that it’s worth joining mailing lists for the clothing and department stores I frequent because many of them send coupons out each month with great deals.

DEAR JILL: I was getting around to putting some annuals in our flowerbed this season, and I learned waiting to plant a bit later has paid off. As it is now summer, many of the spring annuals are marked down at the garden center. Our local establishment had a coupon in the newspaper for 20 percent off any live plant purchase. I went and looked at some of the plants that just need a little love, and they were already marked half off. I bought a rose bush for less than $2 and a flat of petunias for $3, among other purchases. Then I saved 20 percent on top of that with the coupon! I think next year I may wait until June again as I found so many bargains on plants. — WINNIE D.

As a self-confessed “rescuer” of marked-down garden center plants, you’re sharing one of my favorite tips for dressing up our yard and deck areas each year! Without fail, my local garden center drops the prices on their plants in June, and they also mark their wilting plants down to deeper discounts. Often, I find these plants just need one thing – water! I like to look for perennial plants, too, that will come back year after year, further maximizing their value.

DEAR JILL: You can never reiterate often enough that people should be using coupons on clearance items. This is how I am able to get many of my best deals. My store recently put a bunch of different cereals on a clearance display for $1 per box. They were all seasonal varieties featuring different cartoon characters or themes. Anyway, most cereal coupons are good on any variety made by the same company, so I went home and looked for coupons for the company that made these. I had several 75-centsoff and $1-off-2 coupons that netted me boxes of cereal for 25 and 50 cents! We are well stocked up now on cereal.” — KATIE S.


Using coupons on clearance products is a fantastic way to save even more money – not only are you taking advantage of marked-down prices, but you’re also further cutting those prices with your coupons! My typical coupon routine consists of only cutting coupons that correspond to the products I plan to buy at the store, so I usually don’t have extra coupons in my wallet for potential clearance items I might spot along the way. However, my local supermarket allows shoppers to bring coupons in and post-redeem them up to a month after shopping, so I’m able to pick up clearance items, then bring the coupons in after the fact.

I love hearing from my readers, especially when they have coupon stories to share. I understand not all coupon in-store experiences are positive, but it’s worth celebrating the ones that are. It does take a certain level of dedication to coupon effectively, and any tips this community can share with each other are welcome.

Jill Cataldo, a coupon workshop instructor, writer and mother of three, never passes up a good deal. Learn more about Super-Couponing at her website, www.jillcataldo.com. Email your own couponing victories and questions to jill@ctwfeatures.com.


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