Prosecutor: 5 accused in 58 break-ins at 49 businesses

December 19, 2020 GMT

MACON, Ga. (AP) — A Georgia prosecutor says a burglary ring hit 49 businesses a total of 58 times over four months, and five people are accused.

Targets included gas stations, dollar stores and popular restaurants in Macon, and burglaries occurred from Dec. 23, 2019, into April, said Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke.

“What started out as a few pre-Christmas and Christmas burglaries turned into a countywide crime spree,” Cooke said.

He said Wednesday that four men and a woman were charged on Tuesday with racketeering, and the men also were indicted on numerous burglary charges, The Telegraph reported.


The indictment said three of them were jailed April 28 after investigators learned they had received stolen property including electronics and a slow cooker from grocery store.