AP: Pistol stolen from Army armory tied to Boston robbery

June 15, 2021 GMT

BOSTON (AP) — An Associated Press investigation into firearms missing from the U.S. armed services has tied a stolen Army pistol to a Boston armed robbery.

Police recovered a Sig Sauer M11 semi-automatic after the street mugging in January 2016. It’s the same kind of pistol stolen from an Army Reserve armory in Worcester weeks before.

The November 2015 armory theft made big headlines when a former reservist broke into the Lincoln Stoddard Army Reserve Center and stole six M4 carbines and 10 M11 pistols. An investigation led to the recovery of five of the 10 M11s. All six of the M4 carbines have been taken out of public circulation.

The weapons are among at least 1,900 U.S. military firearms that AP learned were unaccounted for during the last decade. Intended for war, some guns ended up on America’s streets.

Military officials say missing firearms are a tiny fraction of their stockpile, and note that some are recovered.


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