Letter: Tong a fighter

November 6, 2018 GMT

To the editor,

This letter is in support of William Tong for the extremely important post of attorney general of the State of Connecticut.

William, who is a six-term state representative from Stamford and Darien, has been a great leader on the Judiciary Committee and passed crucial legislation for our state to keep all our citizens safe.

First, William is familiar with the workings of the state legislature and the executive branch agencies which is so important to the job of attorney general. William has worked tirelessly to promote and pass bills that will protect all our population. Our gun laws are among the best in the nation and we must protect what we have. William is endorsed by Everytown for Gun Safety and Connecticut Against Gun Violence. Sue Hatfield is a “strong second amendment person” and the republicans are looking to pull back on the gun laws that we already have.


William stands up for those who need a champion. He proposes a Civil Rights Division within the AG’s office to protect the rights of all of us. Whether it is the LBGTQ Community, the incarcerated, immigrants, women, anyone who needs a fighter for what is right can look to William.

William has stopped every major encroachment on a women’s right to choose on the judiciary committee and as AG he will fight with every tool in his arsenal to make sure that women are free to choose in Connecticut and he will fight to protect our health care from what the republicans have been trying to do in Washington.

William is honest, smart, warm man with great integrity. He will be a fantastic fighter for our state in a job that has become increasingly important during these last few years.

Sue Hatfield is a Trump sycophant and will bend to the Republicans’ will. We need a fighter for all the people.

William Tong is that fighter.

Ann Reed