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Umpqua Health aims to impact long-term community health

March 7, 2018 GMT

Umpqua Health wants to help you be healthy. It’s part of our mission, our values — even our name. But when we at Umpqua Health think of health we’re not just looking at a person’s overall well-being today. We want to help impact the health of our community for years to come.

It’s a concept known as “social determinants of health,” where the conditions and environments where people are born, grow, live, work, and age are recognized as having an impact on overall quality of health.

We at Umpqua Health understand that in order to really affect change in the health of our community we need to address these social determinants of health, along with physical, mental and dental health.


That’s where Blue Zones comes in.

Blue Zones aims to help people live longer, better lives by working to create healthy changes and making the healthy choice the easy one.

While Umpqua Health encourages residents “Do One Thing for Better Health,” Blue Zones is making that choice a little easier. From nutrition classes to walking groups and policies to support healthier lifestyle choices, finding a way to do that one thing is getting a little easier thanks to Blue Zones.

The work of the Blue Zones Project fits perfectly with Umpqua Health’s mission; one of our values is community, focusing on the fact that Umpqua is more than a river, valley, or geographic boundary. It is a way of life that represents us all.

That way of life is reflected in Blue Zones. The movement aims to help our community, one healthy choice at a time. But it’s about more than individual health. It’s about helping our community find ways to be healthier together.

Umpqua Health was an early supporter of Blue Zones, and our team continues to be engaged in several levels of the project.

We are excited to see the changes in the community and how Blue Zones can help move the needle on health in the Umpqua. This work is crucial in helping to impact personal health as well as the environmental factors that affect life in the Umpqua, and Umpqua Health is a proud advocate of our local Blue Zones Project – Umpqua.