2 public health order arrests at Honolulu anti-mask protest

March 22, 2021 GMT

HONOLULU (AP) — Two people were arrested and two others were cited during a weekend anti-mask rally in Waikiki on allegations that they violated emergency public health orders related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rally at Kapiolani Park drew hundreds of people on Saturday who protested mask usage and other coronavirus-related health restrictions.

Honolulu police officers responded to the gathering organized by the Aloha Freedom Coalition and, at one point, there was a confrontation between protesters and officers that resulted in one woman being forced to the ground.

One member of the anti-mask group accused officers of reacting too aggresively.


“It’s just doesn’t make any sense,” said Gary Cordery of the Aloha Freedom Coalition. “And everybody’s going, ‘What are you guys arresting her for? What? What’s the crime here? What does she do?’”

Police officers had given verbal warnings to the crowd to disperse after they allegedly violated of public health orders.

The Honolulu Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for comments from Hawaii News Now, the media outlet reported on Sunday.