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State representative meets with assisted living residents

August 15, 2018 GMT

U.S. Rep. Adrian Smith didn’t need an introduction during a visit to Linden Court assisted living facility Tuesday.

The congressman, who represents Nebraska’s 3rd Legislative District, picked up a microphone and immediately began taking questions from about 30 residents, their families and staff members.

As he gave updates from Congress and answered questions from audience members, Smith said that Congress is looking at passing another tax bill to help the middle class. He also said members of Congress hope to add more choices in American health care, including giving self-employed people more options.

When one woman described a deductible of $15,000 for her agricultural-producer relatives, Smith agreed with her that health care should improve.

“To me, that’s not even insurance,” he said.

Smith also spoke about “getting more people involved” in America’s workforce, where it can be hard to find good employees.


Smith also commented on the national shift from coal usage to natural gas. On a trip to Union Pacific earlier in the day, Smith learned that companies making coal trains don’t make new trains anymore, he said.

Other topics Smith commented on included less government spending, his hopes for the existing tariff conflict to resolve and the current discussions between President Donald Trump and North Korean officials.

“Fact of the matter is, vigilance is important,” he said.