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Level Spine Chiropractic specializes in latest techniques

August 24, 2018 GMT

Dr. Colt Ludwig grew up just outside of Sioux City in Lawton, Iowa, where he was very active in athletics and other extracurricular activities.

Ludwig attended Briar Cliff University and participated on the Track and Field team. After college, he moved to Kansas City, where he graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in the fall of 2016. While at Cleveland, he accelerated in the basic and clinical sciences, and was the recipient of the Clinic Performance Award presented by the Cleveland Chiropractic Health Center.

Ludwig has studied several different specialty techniques, such as Gonstead, Leander, COX Flexion-Distraction, Activator Protocol and Diversified, to assist in treating as many different types of cases as possible. In addition, he attended many health fairs and has hosted several health seminars for various companies in the greater Kansas City area.

In early 2017, Ludwig returned to his hometown area and has established his own chiropractic clinic, Level Spine Chiropractic. Level Spine is a family practice located in Sergeant Bluff that accepts patients of all ages and all different backgrounds. Specializing in manual (hands-on) adjusting, Ludwig also applies the Leander Technique to patients with low back disc injuries and herniations. This technique uses a specific type of adjusting table with a motorized component to gently return the herniated disc material back to its rightful place.


Due to the variety of techniques Ludwig has been trained in, there are many types of ailments that he can treat, such as Migraine Headaches, Sciatica, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and many more! X-ray examinations are also performed in-house so there is no need to go to another clinic for X-rays. At Level Spine Chiropractic, we’re offering affordable, gentle and timely relief of your aches and pains.